Designer | Marketer | Illustrator | Traveler


Hello and welcome to Make 'Em Happy! I've developed this freelance design studio to help create beautiful work that ads value to your business and makes you super excited about design.


My dedication to each project is driven by my desire to produce engaging and creative solutions that challenge norms and explore unique ways of communicating ideas. I relish in those moments when I can help others express an idea in a bold and impactful way. It makes what I do a ton of fun!


Data and Research-Driven


 I spend ample time investigating the industry, market, and other relevant research details as part of my strategic design process.

Fine Arts & Business Background


 With my BFA in Visual Communications and MSc in Digital Marketing, I am equipped to tackle projects that need creative AND strategic solutions.

Innovative and Creative


 I'm unafraid of breaking the rules and shaking things up. I find inspiration in my travels and other creative outlets and use that to fuel my unique ideas.

 Let's create something people will remember. 

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The pineapple has long been a symbol of luxury, friendship, and hospitality across many countries and cultures. The tasty fruit united many as they connected over stories of travel and adventure.

Pineapples takes me back to my "happy place" where palm trees sway in the ocean breezes and the sun warms your face. I wanted my own branding to celebrate those delicate moments of authentic happiness. The pineapple acts as the perfect representative of the many amazing connections I've had with clients over the years. Cheers to helping make YOU happy through my love of design.